Barack Obama won’t be saved by a Biden pardon. That’s the official unofficial word at the Justice Department.

That’s because Attorney general William Barr has copied and sent every single bit of evidence against the former president collected by Special Investigator John Durham to the Chicago District Attorney.

Among the evidence, according to a source close to the case who may or may not have an understanding of how criminal law works, is enough ammunition for the Chicago DA to put Obama away on state charges for 20 years.

DA Art Tubolls, in a statement about the documents, said he looks forward to seeing what’s there:

“It’s not every day you get to look into prosecuting a former president. We’re still not sure exactly what he’s being accused of, but if it’s there, we’ll find it.”

Barr’s assistant said that there was a bunch of incriminating evidence about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and Hillary Clinton’s emails, but that none of that was under city or state jurisdiction.

The incidents at hand have to do with misuse of funds as a community organizer, taking bribes to get elected to the US Senate, and paying his hairdresser for keeping his lifestyle a secret.

“That could be a twenty spot right there,” said a friend of the guy who works at Circle K on Tuesday mornings, “even though if it was all true the statute of limitations will have run out, it’s a pretty strong case.”

Illinois Governor Joe Barron laughed off questions about the case and said he’d issue Obama a pardon for any crimes in his state, just for kicks.

Looks like the corruption will never end.