Democrats have many problems as far as the law is concerned. Obviously, they are always breaking it. That is definitely a problem. Their total disregard for the rules of society is also a problem. But there also exists a problem with regard to how Democrats apply the law to others.

Democrats have a horrible habit of being stupid and gullible, and this affects their decision making around legal matters. This is a group of grown men and women who are prone to believing everything they see or hear on the Internet, as long as it fits what they want to believe.

Remember the Russia hoax? That originated online as a conspiracy theory. Liberals LOVE conspiracy theories.

Another such vicious rumor that has persisted these past few years since Trump began campaigning for president is much more disgusting. Liberals have been pushing the theory that the president has had or is still having carnal relations with his own daughter, Ivanka.



Such a suggestion is morally reprehensible and unlike anything we would expect from most people. Democrats are the exception. Nothing is out of bounds for them.

What they’ve done is edit photographs of Trump and his daughter as well as take quotes from the president out of context to fit their needs. They’ve attempted to destroy this man’s good name with these lies but have thus far failed.

That’s presumably why Kamala Harris wants to bring the accusations back to the spotlight. Harris has promised she will look into the baseless accusations to see if charges should be made. Such an investigation will be devastatingly embarrassing to the family and that is probably for her motivation to do so. She is adamant that it will take place.

“Trump is a horrible man with no respect for women so this is not much of a stretch. It’s everywhere online. There are memes. Memes people! We all know the laws surrounding truthfulness and memes. Lying is not allowed on them. And those pictures with words on them alone or enough to prompt investigation.”

This is a mockery of justice and from a former attorney general, at that. This can’t be allowed to proceed. The people need to call out the Vice President on her foolishness and vindictiveness.